NYC Events

MILKED is coming to NYC!

ON JUNE 27th: Join farmworkers, labor, immigrant advocates, and researchers for a series of events based on the findings of the new report:


Panel Discussion
12pm @ 32BJ Office
25 W 18th St

Learn about the working conditions for immigrant workers in NYS. New York’s dairy industry generates $14 billion a year and is the star sector of the state’s agricultural economy. But, the immigrant workers who provide milking labor on which the industry heavily depends are themselves being “milked.” (RSVP

Chobani Action
5:00 pm @ Chobani SOHO
152 Prince St (meet at 4pm in park on Thomson & Spring St. to prepare)

Join us as we deliver a letter to Chobani and urge its CEO, Hamdi Ulukaya, to meet with dairy farmworkers and organizers. We invite Chobani to join us in support of justice and dignity within the food chain that has made it the leader in greek yogurt production.

Dinner with Workers, Organizers & Researchers 
6:30pm @ NYU 
20 Cooper Sq. 4th floor

Learn from workers, organizers, and researchers of the MILKED report about the crushing work schedules, rampant wage theft, and frequent risk of injury. (RSVP

To attend any of the events, please contact Carly Fox,, 585-500-9409.

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