This report was made possible through the generous support of the Sociological Initiatives Foundation. We benefited greatly from the research assistance of many individuals. We wish to thank Leslie Gates, Maggie Gray, Anlly Palacios and Jonathan Sclar for providing valuable analysis of the structure of the dairy industry and/or health and safety challenges on dairy farms. We also wish to thank all who helped conduct, transcribe, or translate interviews, including Agustin Omar Rodriguez, Yanira Rodriguez, Romeo Garcia, Elizabeth Daniele, Lydia Herrick, Ilmer Trejo, and Cecilia Cortina. We wish to thank Ken Wolkin, Emma Kreyche, and Lewis Papenfuse from WJCNY, as well as WJCNY intern, Mark Leonhard, for his research assistance.

We also greatly appreciate feedback on a draft of this report from David Griffith, Leslie Gates, Maggie Gray, Andrea Callan, Amy Sugimori, Jose Oliva, Adrienne DerVartanian, Tom Fritzsche, and Greg Schell.

Finally, we wish to thank the farmworkers who assisted with survey design, focus groups, and the analysis: Agustín Omar Rodriguez, Jose G., Jose C., Salvador P., Lazaro A., Crispin H., and Antonio S.

Occupational Photojournalist, Earl Dotter (, generously provided the Cover Photograph and the images on the following pages of this report: 27, 28, 33, 35, 42 and 48.

Design Action worked on the layout and design.